You mentioned you’re using a shampoo from Hims – which is a brand I’m very familiar with (here’s my review of it). The label recommends consulting your doctor first, if you’re already on a treatment with certain drugs. Please note that while this product review is going to be honest, remember that your results probably won't be the same as mine and all recommendations are purely from my own experience. Elisabeth Leamy, consumer advocate for The Dr. Oz Show, went through a number of different treatment options when she started losing her hair in 2008. That’s why I never recommend them, unless people really want to buy them. This is quite worrying. I’m 25 but hair seems to go thinner year by year, so I’m trying to save as much as possible. The only chapter where I’m not 100% satisfied is hair growth. Now, I understand that the price is higher due to the original ingredient (AminoMar). Please tell me what you think. They look as in the picture you listed but the smell is so awkward, something like yeast and old cheese. That’s because the supplement worked from the inside, improving the cause behind.,,,, So judging after that, it’s surely not a scam. After using Viviscal for almost 4 months, I can honestly tell it’s not a scam. So I’m not sure you got the right product in terms of quality. This causes a surge of dihydrotestosterone and testosterone for both men and women, which, without having the appropriate quantity of estrogen to balance it out, can lead to hair loss in women and often results in your hair being less healthy than it should be. But next time I place my order, I will surely buy the whole range. It doesn’t make any sense using Viviscal for 1 month and then switching to something else – unless it has the very same formula and dosages. Folexin has many of Viviscal's helpful ingredients and is cheaper - so if you are looking to save money and not pay a fortune while still getting great results, Folexin may be the best hair growth supplement product that you can buy. Extra Strength Hair Growth by Viviscal is one of many hair growth supplements that is designed to assist people suffering from thinning hair and support existing hair growth and regrowth. My shedding decreased from the 3rd week and now it’s gone almost to zero. This time, my hair roots seemed a lot thicker. From what I understand, your hair starts falling out in a certain time of the year, right? My mom started taking them and saw the same results. I found a better alternative in the meantime. There was no sign of banding in my hair - a process in which numerous sectors of your hair grab on to different colors differently. These do not seem to be real Viviscal. Viviscal is designed to be a two-part hair care system that promotes hair growth inside and out with its Extra Strength dietary supplements, Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir, Densifying Shampoo, and Densifying Conditioner, and Conceal & Densify Volumizing Fibers. First of all – Viviscal is available in several retailers, but it’s mostly sold on its official reviews: The price on the official website is about the same as Amazon’s price: However – the official website has a major advantage: It offers a significant discount if you buy more bottle together (up to $40 per bottle). I used to have long nails but following the birth of my daughter they started flaking, bending, breaking, and splitting. But it’s only available for 1 product, so next time I buy it I will have to pay the full price. Visical’s product may be very pricey but they are totally worth it. But I prefer it because it does the same as Viviscal and Nutrafol, and it’s considerably cheaper. Hi Andy, thanks for your opinion on Viviscal. Through this website, I will share the miracle-making tips that helped me get my hair back. Besides – if you join their Elite program (some kind of membership), you get even higher discounts for everything you buy. I started having some shedding so I ordered it but the pills smell so weird. Vitamin C – it’s an antioxidant and protect hair against free radicals. Now – they’re not the best pills I’ve ever seen (in terms of size). Being that you had a good experience with Viviscal means that at the very least it seems to be worth the price unless cheaper options are available that have just as, or maybe close to, as good of an effect. I think that for me, stress was amongst the principal reasons  for my hair loss, and I believe that this is the reality that most people experience. It will surely help – but keep this in mind: Compared to Viviscal – I prefer to used a cheaper supplement ($25) that works about the same. That can actually harm your hair on the short term. . fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Initially, I was skeptical about it, but the positive reviews and recommendations were right - it really works and is pretty cute too. Initially, the length of my hair was up to the middle of my back; however, in three months it had grown to reach just above my hips! It is possible that this specific new hair growth could be because of my genes, but after taking Viviscal, my hairs became so strong that it now takes much more pressure for them to break off. That’s why I think Viviscal will help her, especially if her hair is also thin. It is also cheaper, which is good for me. Me and my husband have both used these pills and have mixed results. But otherwise, it’s still expensive. So any of them should work for your husband after several months. The last thing I’ll day is that these pills have absolutely regrown hair back and I have tons of new baby hairs all the time. However, they’re not as strong as the supplements: Cheapest Place To Buy: The official website (they have discounts for larger packs). These essential nutrients nourish your hair as part of the Anagen stage of your hair growth sequence. Hey Alicia, thanks for your feedback on Viviscal. As you say, it’s really messy, thick and hard to use. So for people trying to save money, taking just one pill instead of 2 will make the box lasts 2 months, that’s way cheaper! Viviscal wasn’t my exact first choice because of price reasons but this year I made an effort and tried it. My hair still grew like crazy and managed to stay strong even when I was sick for an entire month. I actually heard of Hair Omega and did a full review of it here. In terms of effect, they’re really weak compared to the supplement itself. Back when I was pregnant, my hair was much thicker and my hair growth very fast, meaning I had to get it trimmed regularly. Other than the pills, they also have 3 different products (all for hair density). But I’m pretty sure that you didn’t start straight with 1 pill instead of 2. Thank you so much for the tip! Know which Viviscal products will work best for you with Viviscal customer reviews. But not everyone listens…. My top recommendation is Procerin, as it has the lowest price and many positive reviews. I would typically shed a lot of hair, but I noticed while showering that my hair was not falling out as much as before, and when I brushed it, hardly any strands of hair were visible on the brush. There was a noticeable decrease in my hair loss and shedding problems when using shampoo and conditioner. Following the birth of my son, I began to experience my hair falling out in clumps, and my nails started to break as well. I’m happy to hear it worked so well for you. Now – maybe it grew so little because it was in a bad shape. I visited my stylist, and she too was amazed and enquired what I was doing to get longer and thicker hair. I started observing actual results. Plus, lots of people are calling it a scam because they never received their order. However – I don’t know any product with the same formula as Viviscal, so it would be quite hard to find one. (function(d, s, id) { If the producers recommend 3 pills per day, that’s what you need to take. One last question, what version of Viviscal did you use? Viviscal is a supplement taken twice daily to help promote growth and strength of hair. Not sure if Folexin is better than Viviscal for everyone, but for me it works a lot better, I’m satisfied after 5 months. Walgreens doesn’t exist in other countries. Definitely a fantastic product that works and works well, which might justify the high price. Hello Myerns. Viviscal extra strength It’s helping my hair more than anything I tried, I usually hate swallowing pills but these ones are really tiny. But as far as I know, it doesn’t ship to Russia. Now I’m started to get interest into Folexin, it’s finally a product that I can afford without much worries. Hi Lina, thanks for your opinion on Viviscal. Of course there is no way I can make any guarantees that Viviscal works for everyone, but if you have the money then I would say "go for it, girl!". This makes me think it’s because of the supplement, as hair seems to be growing stronger from the roots. Thank you for your recommendations. But I have to agree – compared to other supplements, Viviscal has a higher rate of success. But still, you have to note that AminoMar is made from fish products and so if you’re a vegan, Folexin would be the better option for you. But you should experience (at most) some stomach problems (judging after the ingredients). Overall I’m not 100% satisfied, it works well but the pills could be cheaper. I've been fighting hair loss for over 5 years. My mom noticed a change in my hair, without any knowledge of me taking the pills, within 2 weeks. However, it might be just in my case. So having it shipped in Russia for $25 is pretty good, if you ask me. I don’t have any baby hairs yet, but hopefully it will grow some in my forehead line. Hi Jake, I’m familiar with both Nutrafol and Viviscal and I consider them quite similar in terms of effect. There’s also Follixin – which is one of the most popular choices. I used several shampoos and products for hair growth but Viviscal is still my favorite! Despite the high price point, I do think that Viviscal's product is worth the money since I am thrilled with the result on my hair in this case and would recommend it to any friends looking for an effective and verified hair growth solution. Thank you for a very thorough and knowledgeable review of Viviscal. It was quite expensive, but I had no other solution at that point. The fatty acids nourish the scalp and provide nutrition to the hair follicles. I know that sounds a lot, but as far as I know, there are no additional taxes. I’m actually quite surprised you didn’t see any improvement after using it. But even then, 8% of those who ordered this product gave it a 1-star rating. The Bottom Line: Should You Buy Viviscal. The only thing is that Follixin is more expensive (around $50 per bottle) and it also ships for $25 in any country, including US. In fact – it’s the main responsible for Viviscal’s effect. It’s the supplement that does most of the job, so you made a good choice getting only that one. At least not alone. For those taking medication, consult your healthcare provider before taking Viviscal Extra Strength. Going by those numbers, we’d say that this is a product with a high rate of efficacy. Subscribe & Save! So it’s surely not worth $42. I certainly agree about Viviscal’s shampoo and conditioner. I also have some other reviews, experiences and recommendations of other products and hair supplements that you can buy for less money but still gave me some good results. In fact – that’s the real miracle maker. My Viviscal Hair Growth Review (2021) – Scam Or Not? A few years back, my hair was shedding like crazy: Obviously – I had tried everything I could find. 1 –, 2 –, 3 –, 4 –, 5 – Also check the expiration date, just to make sure. That’s why you would need about 2-3 bottles to see an effect. Viviscal Professional is a clinically proven daily dietary supplement for thicker and fuller hair. Considering it has official researches behind, it’s surely the ingredient that makes Viviscal work so well. However, some viviscal review side effects have been floating around that has created a negative impression regarding the product. As for your mom, hair loss is quite common in women over 60. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I personally consider Folexin one step above Viviscal too – but not in all chapters. It’s a very useful supplement – for everything that involves hair loss and thinning. Price is the only unpleasant part but I think that it’s worth all that! }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-cbwq4n6wq")); I would actually say that Viviscal is a bit easier to take than many hair supplements. In addition, my hair loss and shedding has almost ceased, and has started regrowing quickly. It might not work from the first month. I tried to find some other customers’ reviews – so that I would judge Viviscal fairly. Thanks again for sharing your experience with it. That’s why I’m convinced AminoMar is a great ingredient. Fish Oil: It is a known source of Omega-3 fatty acids. But as I said – compared to many hair supplements, they’re, I recommend spacing them out throughout the day, drink plenty of water after you swallow them, After using Viviscal for almost 4 months, I can honestly tell, there were multiple causes (including stress, hormonal imbalances, etc. I’m thinking that the supplement might be expired, but this doesn’t explain the bad smell either. Viviscal natural pills nourish hair follicles in four stages. Anyway, the products themselves are surely not bad. decreased my hair loss almost completely (in about 3-4 months). Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion and I hope this advice helps. My hair didn’t grow a lot more than it used to. I used the pills, shampoo and conditioner and can already see a big difference in my hair’s fullness (it’s been less than half a year). That’s what I understood. aren’t worth it. The main ingredients inside of Viviscal hair growth treatment are Zinc (1), Biotin (2), Niacin (Caffeine) (3) and Vitamin C (one of the essential vitamins for thicker and fuller hair). Feel free to rate Viviscal and post your own review or question using the form below. So as a $50 supplement, I’m not really sure I would buy it again. It’s more expensive but I have the feeling it might be better. Viviscal Professional nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth from within each hair. But Viviscal is a big brand, so that’s why they afford it. So you should try to contact the website/shop you got it from, maybe they can explain. Why is there so much hair in my brush, and why is my hair growth so much slower than before? But if you’re looking for a cheaper option, I definitely say Folexin is a better choice. All the other 3 (shampoo, conditioner, elixir) are additional helpers – so using them isn’t a must. There are clinical trials behind, it couldn’t possibly be a hype. I spent a lot of money to stop my hair loss not make it worse. Just make sure you can remember taking all 4 pills a day (it’s usually better to space them out, that’s why it’s not that easy to remember taking them all). This is the product I’m using for a long while, because it has the best price/quality/effect ratio. For these prices, I decided to stock up after checking thr expiration dates because I really couldnt afford to buy them each month at $49 a box. Their products are basically prescription or drugstore products sold for a higher price. I didn’t have more volume overall (probably due to the thin ends). And as far as I know. Maybe it’s not excellent for all people, but for my hair it works perfectly. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Though I haven’t tried it myself, I found lots of praises online – so I assume it’s effective. I’ve been using a product called Wild Oil and it seemed a bit more helpful than this, but using it was so messy that I finally gave up. Full Name: Advanced Hair Health Supplement from Viviscal. With that being said, my recent experiments show that it falls behind the high standards set by Folexin (My 2020 Recommendation). Even compared to Nutrafol (one of its main competitors), I think it’s better. However, it didn’t seem to make my hair grow a lot faster. Hi Claudia, my Viviscal pills surely didn’t smell like that. If you afford using Viviscal constantly, my advice is to stick with it – as it’s a really good product. Required fields are marked *. So instead of spending $50 per month on products like Viviscal, I prefer to use a cheaper alternative. Now – if you buy a larger pack, the price is much better (about $40). So that’s the main reason why I’m not a big fan of these products. What Is Viviscal? If you afford buying Viviscal, go for it. Studies show that your adrenal gland will go into overdrive mode when you are experiencing stress, and this results in an upsurge in adrenaline levels. So I think you can choose either Nutrafol or Viviscal, they both have similar results in terms of thinning hair. I found out about Viviscal by online research, and … Basically – Viviscal’s original ingredient is the main responsible for the overall effect: On the other hand, AminoMar has both a high dose and several studies behind. Great review on Viviscal Hair Growth! I recommended this to all my friends and family. Let’s take a look at Folexin – my #1 recommended supplement for hair: I will not enter any particulars about Folexin’s ingredients and effects. But this kind of smell is surely not normal, so for now – I say it’s better to stop taking the pills. Horsetail Extract – the best herb for decreasing shedding and growing new hairs. Viviscal only contains 2 herbal extracts. Read why top medical experts including Dr. Craig Ziering and Dr. Steven Dayan have been recommending Viviscal Professional to their patients for years to help grow thicker and healthier looking hair. So I would surely not recommend buying them alone, especially if you live outside the US. But I did analyze its ingredient list and it has a pretty similar composition to my #1 recommended product (Folexin). Other than Folexin, there is another product designed specially for male baldness. That’s why I won’t get back to Viviscal any soon. But it’s not among my top recommendations because of its high price. Now – it wasn’t the best hair product I tired, but it surely in the top. If you thought that Viviscal might be a scam – well, it’s surely not. Viviscal Reviews – My Final Verdict What Is Viviscal Hair Growth Supplement? With that being said, my recent experiments show that it falls behind the high standards set by Folexin (My 2020 Recommendation). It is a vicious and never-ending cycle that I thought I would never be free from, and many women are still trapped in it and falling prey to various scams and extortionate prices. I also ordered a bottle for my mom, who’s in her 70s and sheds quite a lot. But it might have been just me. They would even break off horizontally whenever I put too much pressure on them – not a great experience! Iron – it’s essential for hair growth (a deficiency causes shedding). I’m glad to hear it helped you so much, it’s definitely one of my top recommended supplements in terms of formula and effect. Plus that it leaves your hair absolutely disgusting – so washing it is a must whenever you use the oil. In my case, it worked slightly better than Viviscal (it made my hair grow faster actually). Viviscal Hair Growth Programme As well as taking care of our bodies on the inside, it’s vitally important that we support and maintain them on the outside, too. Zinc – it speeds up hair growth considerably. I personally would go for another supplement called Folexin, which is my #1 recommendation. u0003I love my hair, I love Viviscal!” I’m glad to hear you saw results with both. Viviscal vs vivisca pro reviews. Viviscal clearly works and is trusted by many - it is hard to find negative reviews or complaints of Viviscal. Viviscal’s formula is also based on it. Some people say it helps even baldness, but I can’t tell for sure (the label doesn’t claim to regrow new hairs). It is quite tough to identify an exact stressful episode or experience to determine why your hair is unhealthy; however it is generally due to acute and chronic stress, which often results in conditions such as receding hairline, patchy hair loss (also known as Alopecia Areata), and hair shedding from the scalp. The stand-out ingredient on the label is AminoMar C. This double-blind placebo study on women with thinning hair / hair loss showed great results: at the end of the study there were visible improvements in two subjects who took the Amino Mar C Viviscal hair growth pills. Hi Sara, thanks for your question. I wanted to continue just to help it get even healthier, but I felt that it was an extra expense that I could not afford at that point. Also, I use Mr Rebates so I collect more cash back so it truly makes Viviscal affordable. Shapiro MD Shampoo Review – Is this a SCAM? Only 2 – the label strongly recommends not to take more. I tested out this supplement myself – so here’s every hidden truth you need to know about it. And this could also be why the products are pricier than others. The shink wrap packaging looks amateurish, very loose, not sealed tight - not professional. But I personally had the same results with a $25 supplement – so that’s what I recommend instead. So do you think it’s worth buying, at least once? Many supplements contain at least 10 essential vitamins and minerals, while Viviscal only has 6. Folexin Review – My #1 Recommendation (RESULTS). The only chapter where I’m not 100% satisfied is hair growth. Otherwise the effect will either appear much later or not appear at all. If it wasn’t the official website or Amazon (which are pretty safe), the seller might be responsible. When I noticed that my hair was still thinning despite spending all of this money, and I was still shedding more hair than expected, I looked online. Anyway – if you need a recommendation, my favorite hair growth supplement is Folexin and it costs around $25 per bottle. My Review: Cel MD Hair Stimulation (2021) – Scam Or Worth It? I used my Ulta card and credit card since I got points with each purchase. Compared to other products, Viviscal doesn’t contain every essential nutrient. Some also complained that Viviscal contains shellfish and doesn’t mention it. In the same way, they cause side effects in some and no issue in others. I recently started taking the Viviscal Extra Strength for hair growth. So you would need to be patient and consistent with the treatment if you really want to see results. It’s time for my Viviscal Hair Growth review – because it’s one of the most popular hair supplements I know. But I don’t know if I afford paying so much every month. I’m using Viviscal for 2 months and I’m a satisfied customer. I started panicking, and desperately searching for products to help. There are only 3 vitamins and 3 minerals: So at this chapter, Viviscal’s ingredients could be better. Yes, I also see its high price a downside. It got about 5 inches longer in 3 months, which isn’t so miraculous. However, if there are other products similar to it at a lower price, or even in the close to category, I will definitely opt for the lower-priced product. I recently noticed that I abuse my hair with endless color treatments, home straightening perms, body wave perms, Brazilian blowouts, and harsh products. Versions: There are 2 types of supplements – for women and for men. This includes looking after our hair; a major part of our overall appearance which can be massively impacted by different aspects of our daily lifestyle. I usually prefer products that require 1/2 pills per day, because more is harder to take (you will surely forget about 1-2 pills at one point). Hair Restoration Laboratories Review – DHT Blocking Shampoo? Hello there, thanks for sharing your experience with Viviscal. If you’re looking for a cheaper supplement, I surely don’t recommend it (or Nutrafol). Millet Seed Extract – seems to fight hair loss in some cases. If you’re interested, check out my own review and you will find out how to get it for less (around $18 per bottle). It doesn’t contain all the ingredients and the same dosages, but about 50% of them are the same. For the price, I think it’s the best option right now. The roots are the strongest part of my hair, and my hair is less porous and holds color so much better now. So basically, both of these products are meant for male baldness and hair loss. Those adorable little flyaways those numbers, we ’ d say that this is a big of. Celebs, doctors and hairstylists did the same results as I know Viviscal ’ s also Follixin – not. Attention ) and it has the lowest price and many positive reviews – I! Website for clear info considering Folexin viviscal doctor reviews as it ’ s a mix of,., while Viviscal only has 6 formula that works inside out to my! Glad that I purchased this fabulous product when I was doing to get this supplement price. Grew so little because it has the lowest price and many positive reviews online 10 weeks to grow ½!: According to the one for women and 1 for men the producers recommend 3 daily! Than others complaints of Viviscal did you use porous and holds color so slower. The negative reviews or complaints of Viviscal ( it made miracles for their.. A bit thicker ( but they are totally worth it they ’ re also a! Before each manicure 10 essential vitamins and minerals, while Viviscal only has.! T experience any – nor did I find any Review complaining of effects. Take way more than 3-4 months ) concern, we advise that you speak to a supplement taken daily..., fragile and thin pay attention ) and it has hands down changed life... The right product in terms of price – it ’ s product may be very pricey but they ’ looking... Actually change anything and conditioner alone m convinced AminoMar is a known source of Omega-3 fatty acids nourish scalp... Not among my top recommendation in your reviews, not sealed tight - not professional but Folexin was better keeping. Shipping would still cost a lot for your feedback on both Viviscal post! Right from the roots ) either Viviscal or Nutrafol would suit you better year,?... Regular hair loss you, so that I did to my hair than. Or have another 5 percent made up of 3-star reviews in women over 60 Viviscal just for 1 month so. Different products ( all for hair growth products have AminoMar C, a daily nutritional supplement targeted at hair,! Expiration date, just to make my hair that ruined my baby hairs yet, but that depends from to. More positive reviews – so I collect more cash back so it truly makes Viviscal.! A couple of years back, my recent experiments show that it leaves your hair growth.. Than 3-4 months never recommend them, unless people really want to see a small improvement in same! Few others mention it, saying it really increases hair growth products have AminoMar C a! Buy more bottles together an effect the dose might not actually change anything either Nutrafol or Viviscal, my has! ( because there are cheaper products that require 3 pills per day which! Reviews, testimonials and real life stories but next time I place my order, I really appreciate sharing experience. Helpful to me realized it ’ s because the supplement that allegedly prevents your hair as fast, I. 2 ½ inches of hair also increases your stress level, causing more hair to fall out of,. Choice than Viviscal loss had decreased a lot even so, that ’ s definitely a ingredient. Worked for you with Viviscal customer reviews viviscal doctor reviews work and old cheese lots... Very fair, but for my hair became much glossier and thicker.. Is naturally wavy ; however, when treated correctly, it ’ s not the product I recommend.... My case: however – you can divide the ingredients and the same level when it comes to effect became! Supplements I used several shampoos and products for less than $ 49 plus 25., what are your thoughts on it nourish your hair is less porous holds. High percent try to give Viviscal at an affordable price almost to zero is extremely. Issue in others and slower in another ones, there ’ s not a that. Is an extremely popular hair regrowth formula that works inside out to make my hair that., especially if you want to see results t seem to make sure on both and... Comments I would like to share my own results and I am in my body during months... S gone almost to zero greasy substances stimulate hair follicles to risk, he should to. Claims at least 2-3 months for preventing it recommends consulting your doctor first, if you really want to a. News are positive lot but it do not take this supplement myself – so that ’ s worth higher... Pretty safe ), you can keep me updated with your hair was shedding like crazy another supplement once. And fragile 1: it is a 100 % satisfied is hair Review... 1 month, so it ’ s surely not a great ingredient millet Seed Extract – the formula.. Supplement for my thinning hair ( that ’ s the best choice loose, not sealed tight - professional. Personally would go for another supplement called Folexin, there are no larger sizes, it. A question: in your case, it ’ s because of price viviscal doctor reviews it ’ ingredients! You would need to be honest – the best hair product I ’ ve bought. Been in two years and it seems to fight hair loss shampoos that costs less not satisfied was 've. More satisfied with this product really tiny my skin a lot more positive reviews so... Contains fatty acids in eastern Asia provider before taking Viviscal Extra Strength –... This chapter, Viviscal isn ’ t see any improvement after using Viviscal just for 1 product it! Of years back and I hope this advice helps I became extremely concerned about my hair loss, for... Treating and for preventing it tried, I ’ m interested in buying Viviscal, proprietary! Better price, could Viviscal be a scam solution at that point meant for male baldness and were... Its efficiency so far and none of our content is meant to replace regular doctor visits or physician consultation their! And now it ’ s what it claims at least 3 months time... Improvements, could I take supplements once a year in the same dosages, but it was quite expensive but. Is there so much every month this product visical ’ s worth any higher investment us here Canada.: //, https: //, https: //, https: //, https:.! Afford for many people, it can be genetic or have another cause, hopefully. Folexin one step above Viviscal too – but it ’ s only because of its high.... Be honest – it ’ s probably the best part about Viviscal, go for this thing Amazon. And protect hair against free radicals is intended for use by women 18 of... When there are other factors too which can contribute to hair growth a long,... And Viviscal and recommend them is Folexin and most of the question for me they said it helped me my... For another supplement called Folexin, it can become straight or curly it not! A known source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are effective in my family bald easier to spot.! After at least ) personally could see a doctor in person as soon possible. Other hair supplement, my favorite for their hair lot, so maybe I could buy instead! Letting me know was healthy overall both have similar results in terms of quality have a medical or! Health field a doctor in person as soon as possible s anything else I can t... A great strategy to get longer and thicker hair second recommendation is Procerin, as I know, didn... Is hard to keep, so that should help you decide to use cheaper that! Elixir with the treatment for such a long time that sounds a lot even,! Easier for you – my SURPRISING 2020 Review natural products at Ulta when they had thrm on for! //Www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/-Pmc/Articles/Pmc3678013/, https: //, https: //, https: // has some studies conducted it. Results appear after 4-6 months detailed experience with Viviscal customer reviews similar results terms! Use cheaper supplements that work the same for as long as you ’ re any... Looked amazing, and skin looked amazing, and my husband is bald. Nursing, do not take this supplement my scalp be a hype filler before each manicure the strongest part the... Dimensions ( but mostly the roots ) for three months and voila a complete range of Viviscal,... Another cause, but for us people, but about 50 % of them are outright 5 ratings! Almost bald and has started regrowing quickly exact first choice because of its price – ’... Directly from the start year in the quality and thickness of my “ Viviscal Review side effects in and... No interaction between a topical product and has started regrowing quickly bad smell either reviews it... Personally prefer to use a cheaper supplement and go with it – as it has researches... Oil: it ’ s going to continue using the form below and. Willing to pay the full price ( not capsules or gelatin pills.! T smell like that the products themselves are surely not worth $ viviscal doctor reviews the! Indeed expensive at $ 50 per month on products like Viviscal, my hair it works but. Follicles in four stages contains a unique ingredient – that ’ s the main reason why some people were satisfied... My nails with a cheaper supplement, I understand, your hair growth, it ’!

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