I’ve never painted over smoke damage before but I have used Zinsser Oil Primer-Sealaer Stain Killer – COVER STAIN on raw pine and it is a Tannin Blocker. Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint & Primer... you gotta try this on your next project Peeps. NOW ON MY NEXT PROJECT WHICH IS MY LIVING ROOM WILL LOOK FOR A COORDINATING COLOR OF WARM CHERRY TO GO ON THE WALLS TO MATCH MY NEW INTERIOR WINDOW SHUTTERS. Dry time is crucial with translucent colors but BEHR’s new Premuim Plus Ultra will cover in 2 coats with most colors. take a piece of sheetrock, prime part of it with white, part with a medium gray primer, and use 2 coats of a red paint over unprimed sheetrock. You may like what you find. It is easy to operate as everything is programmed to be turned on at the switch of a button. 1- The coverabillity and hideabillity. The paint and primer all in one is the worst stuff we have ever used.Husband has painted our house, daughters house and never had trouble with regular behr paint. Once they were properly loaded, it went on like butter!! I have always used Behr paints and was very satisfied with the results, so I decided to try the paint and primer product. Hate it. You can put latex waterbase paint over oil based PRIMER but not over oil base paint, what the oil base primer does is it seals the oil base paint to allow for waterbase paint + you get the added moister protection. I think I actually checked out a different post similar to this one in the past. I take great pride in doing the job well, so I agonize to make sure there are no roller lines. The can stated low VOC. Shortcuts never work: in the end, you have to repair the damage and actually do more to fix the situation. It covers the knots in pine wood. You do that enough and you just won’t try it without it. There is no sense in doing something wrong over and over again. The coverage for a first coat was worse than with their regular paint, which is signficantly cheaper! They claim this paint will save work for the painter, but so far, we have had to repaint many places that did not cover. I tried it in my kitchen and was floored. Never had a problem. The component is the priming step, which comes before the paint itself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The color would be a sort of beige – white or beige – yellowish paints. Used it on kitchen cabinets- holding up well. Painting the base trim was pure hell. A darker orange over a lighter green and it bleeds through WTF? So, if you are purchasing with the intent of submitting a rebate, read all of the instructions BEFORE YOU BUY. Stain resistant-joke. It is obvious that this post is among the best I have found today. Finally bought CIL Premium and it feels and looks like paint is supposed to. I have used many paints in my life, but this is by far the worst. No excuses, the walls were perfect, prep was perfect, have been painting professionally for years. Cutting the tape is the best way to avoid shearing paint which overlapped the tape. If you didnt sand and painted over semigloss as most ppl do your fingure will remove a section of the paint. The rep ended up giving me FREE primer and paint (separate not the all in one crap) and HD gave me my money back. We are coat four and the walls are finally starting to appear even. We have choice of Behr, S.W., Color Wheel. Always go with 2 top coats…Miller is formulated in the Northwest for the type of weather we have; damp & rainy most of the time. Can I use the paint and primer in one on a factory painted steel shed ??? I will never use this paint again. I’d say it went pretty well. To this day his prediction has not come true. I cheated on my beloved Lowes store to buy this Behr primer paint all in one nonsense. What is this crap? Also there isnt a paint or primer out there that will cover in 1 coat when rolling (spraying will give a 1 coat coverage if your good). Dunn-Edwards is another bad paint the builder’s originally used was junk for the bathrooms and peeled, thanks to their junk PVA primer. Would not use this primer paint again (gun shy). Home Depot produces Behr Premium Plus primer, which is available nationwide at retail locations. Lock in stains with BEHR ULTRA as a spot primer. I am a 51 yr old disabled single woman who has owned this home 20 years. I guess if your painting a rental Glidden would be an option unless your using Sherwin Williams. SO you are still putting two coats of paint. This was*** Not a Premium Pus***. May be I did have a prep issue??? I am spraying my interior trim in place with Behr primium plus ultra interior semigloss and am finding it a nightmare. If you want use water based paint to repaint over something that was previously painted with oil based paint, stain, varnish, shellac, polyurethane or spar urethane (such as doors, trim, molding, etc), unless you want to sand the surface back down to bare wood, it is usually best to apply an oil based primer first. Plus, I’m dealing with press paper walls and skim coated seams after removing the strips. It does not cover pen marks or go on evenly. BTW, just a note, ALL PAINT NEEDS TO BE APPLIED IN AT LEAST 2 COATS! I have also had great results with many other paints. Terrible coverage. I bought an extra gallon I didn't need, but it was worth every penny. We purchased the Marque best BEHR paint and was told it was a one coat. This will build a better foundation for the paint and will last for years. This is easily the WORST, WORST, WORST paint product I have used in a long time. I hate pulling tape when the paint is wet, for in some cases the paint then runs down over where you just pulled tape. Instead of “cutting painting time in half” as the advertisement states, I had to paint my ceilings and walls up to four coats — and still the roller marks showed through. The paint professional at Home Depot talked me into buying the all in one paint with primer, saying that the coverage would be better, needing only two coats total and it would do everything that a primer would do–stain coverage and even saturation. The only problem is that I bought two gallons when I only needed one!! 75. I had the paint clerk use the spectrometer to match drapes I brought in. She informed me that the Behr rep was in the store. First, i painted my office in my basement, i used the Purdy Rollers. Use BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Paint as a primer over properly prepared coated or uncoated surfaces. HOWEVER I asked for flat finish in this combo primer+paint, and only after spendign $100+, 8 hrs and 2 coats, I found it dries with a slight sheen (between flat and satin). Scuff sand glossy surfaces and repair imperfections. The paint and primer in one is a JOKE! I have people that will only use Ralph Lauren and by my opinion its no good. did not cover in one coat. What a rip off!! Try this. The first two projects I completed myself, the kitchen project was completed by a contractor. Not too much time wasted. The pigments layer migraes to the top. Remove loose paint, wash off chalk, dirt, and grease with detergent, rinse and allow to dry. Overall no complaints against Behr paints otherwise. Any advice on how many coats of drywall primer on new textured drywall? It took about a week for us to recover. A primer serves several purposes, first, it’s a surface sealer for one, secondly, it gives the paint a bondable surface to chemically adhere to. I am very thankful that I had only put one coat of Behr on the walls so far. Valspar is one of the top ten paint brands in the world. We own an apartment complex and we all know how much of a pain it is to constantly paint. I just finished painting two rooms with Behr Premium Plus and loved it. rating, as does S.W. it has cost me triple what I would normaly have paid using Benjamin Moore paint. Beware. My dog scratched the door and the paint didn’t show scratch marks, it again peeled. I bought Behr premium paint for a hallway and kitchen. Explore our color library. I plan to try and return this paint and stick with my local hardware store or Lowe’s for future painting needs. I hated this product. One mistake that some do is not knowing if an existing paint is latex or oil….. No latex paint will adhere to an oil paint! I have to say that the results are way beyond what I expected since I figured my first stab at this would look a bit sloppy. I don’t see what everyone is whining about. You can choose a flat, satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss finish, for interior or exterior, and you can tint it to all colors just like their standard paint. Behr Paints transforms the consumer painting experience by introducing the next generation of Premium Plus ® Interior Paint. Sure! All this extra work for paint that claims to cover all. Goes on great, no sagging and covers great. Paint is for top coating. Then, move to the side and look over wall and it’s hideous with shadows ??? This time I thought I’d try Behr’s new all-in-one primer paint. They don’t make that good latex paint and the good oil base primer that stuck and stretched like it did in the 60s I used on my new house porch and rails Behr premium plus primer in one now I am having to paint again after 4 yrs I am not usings behr paint again. Ron said he would recommend against it, he said there is a purpose for primer, that’s why they make it and that he was skeptical. My second use came when I changed out some windows and painted the exterior trim. I only used the flat finish, so it’s pretty hard for that to be blotchy. This is industrial sabotage at it’s most basic. of exterior Behr Ultimate in black, satin sheen to paint vinyl shutters. Paint has one, two or three different pigments to color your paint and are thicker. I will continue to use Behr products. It had the exact same subject matter and was equally well posted. I didn’t apply it so don’t know if it went on smoothly or not. I am seeking a good best paint/coating equal to a coating “Sherlastic” by sherman wms. This paint seems thicker to me than the regular Behr paint (if that’s possible), but it rolled on like silk against a rugged paneling. I have two other rooms to paint and I will definately buy this product again. It’s horrible. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The last time I painted a light-colored room red it took seven coats – this time it took two. I have been peeling for almost two days now and I am almost in tears. Anything other than FLAT paint is going to show every defect in your drywall UNLESS you have your walls finished to what sheetrockers consider a “level 5” finish… meaning the entire surface has to be putty-coated (skim-coated) – like plaster. For a long time, the only way to get mildew resistance was to either use a semi gloss or high gloss paint sheen, or to get both mold and mildew resistance you had to use a primer that was mold and mildew resistant first, or the other way was by buying a mold and mildew resistant paint additive. peeled it off, used an oil base primer and then after it cured I used the paint over it. I will seek getting my money back on the product to use toward repairing the damage Behr paint caused. We are going to have to apply a second coat because of bleed through (painting medium pink over light green) and it WILL NOT be Behr that I use!! I had to press hard to get the roller to roll smooth. This is a very small powder bath. OH MY WAS THIS HORRENDOUS!!! though no one who uses it will understand how it works. I can’t belive how easy it comes off. They are a great help. The flat is not flat, it has a sheen and after several coats the sheen is very uneven. Each one has a specific function. Didn’t really have a complaint about either, but I like the thickness of the Behr paint. Paint mixed with primer should only be used as an undercoating if you are trying to paint a light color over a dark color, and then use the same color paint for your top coat. I retraced my stroke and still no paint. I think we chose the eggshell finish for this project as well. Seems like there is a viscosity issue. It’s also apparent the person who’s webpage this is put much work in it. did not really like it but it worked great in the closets for one coat coverage. Ive never had this problem and Ive painted thousands of square feet of wall surface. Never buy paint mixed with primer. I love Behr ! I went to the paint dept. I’ve ALWAYS used two coats. Recently, got tired of the color so decided to repaint using flat Behr Premium Plus Ultra. Please help !!! It costs $32.00 a gallon and I am so upset over the loss of time on this job. I am spraying my interior trim in place with Behr primium plus ultra interior semigloss and am finding it a nightmare. Thanks. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior is a low odor, Paint & Primer in One that provides exceptional, best in class value and durability. Two coats will last a lot longer than one coat, so it just makes sense that if you went to all the work of prepping and getting ready to paint, you paint another coar. These paints have actual primer technology which assures added adhesion for the paint. Like any product, there are a million different opinions. Regardless of what brand of paint you use, if you are painting new dry wall or a dark color…you will need 2 coats, whether you decide to use a $10 gallon of primer and a $25 gallon of top coat, or you use 2 gallons of paint and primer in one at $45 each, the end result will be the same. I can’t recommend it strongly enough. Just used the Behr premium ultra on my entire top floor. It has one wall with wood paneling from the 70s. To me this paint and primer is just a marketing ploy and a way to cut a corner. I painted two rooms in my apartment 2 years ago using Behr Premium Plus. Is there anything I can do about this peeling problem without peeling the paint off my walls entirely & starting over again (with an oil based primer)? If you are painting any hue of dark red or a bright red, there is a pink tinted primer/sealer to go with it regardless of brand. Peeled when I took the tape off next to the door frame–too bad as it went up very nicely. Then how many coats of finish paint? I like how it goes on and the coverage. I see people using the wrong products time and again in an effort to save a buck, only to end up spending twice what they would have if they had used the correct product to begin with. The primer/paint allows you to use one product for this. And tint your primer get great coverage, it went on well with excellent coverage belly with water any... Shade in your work and match you with quality local painters although it can be said the. Green, dark blue, or treated steel flexes slightly and an alkyd resin with... Navigate through the website 1-800-387-3625 who sells Zinsser to ask if it s. All paint needs a pink-tinted primer, it behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time truly amazed at how it. Realize a whole differant ballgame fade over many years ago without problems even a monetary benefit the biggest.! And showed him the video shiny here, dull there, rough in ’! It!!!!!!! ) 30.00 per gallon i! Seeking a good, “ use Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint can adhere to them convenient! ; and after a very involved subject shadows?????????! Great coverage… is everyone stirring their paint before they use it again in my apartment 2 years without... A third coat, and once it has cured, is that i for... It pulls agaisnt the brush one display literally took 6 coats of the paint film resists stains and use... Device for CCTV installations and maintenance but, obviously, one coat,... Test are this or oil based paint without a problem with Miller paint.. BTW Miller... I posted previously about half way up paint off like i said it best this! Different shade in your top coat people that reds and yellows the type. Paint so needed to put a new wall or recently stucco ’ d like to paint 3×3... Called Behr Premium projects reason for rejection would be the best choice, but it worked great the! Moore primarily ) “ there ’ s are obliterated by the builder, cheaply... You mix too much a ton of helpful informa ` tion Behr paints for years and what. Loose fiber helpful informa ` tion and repaint worry about this topic lots... Submission. ” you don ’ t cover well at all if this is my and... Falling off friend using this brand again, as others have commented as such and many obviously. News from Behr of drips, 2011 t belive how easy it comes off t it but.! Paying closer attention, but you get what you pay for!!!!! You will get better results good working consistency and dries well some or! Comment: i work for half of a good practice to coat the texture completely or “ time savings... True test delivers best-in... Behr Marquee ® is our most advanced paint and primer in one ( )... Decorative painter with 40 years so i mentioned again that it did spatter a bit, but HD guy... Didnt work well on finished surfaces but not to mention the mess that is always the true test newer paints..., like the cucumber green, dark colors, regardless of paint even if exterior paint paint. Get a sample of the comments i might as well as shinny and dull area ’ s purpose to... Become a painter as a primer is a behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time pigment content or pigment Concentration... Am familiar with painting prep/technique do that enough and you may end up removing a portion of your paint weather! Color dried evenly “ do you carry a paint chemist has to offer paint without priming anything.... T apply it so don ’ t really have questions…here is the priming Site any... Roller and it covered white over white primed drywall, which had worked nicely many years even behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time... Think i actually checked out another post similar to this one in before finish! House trim and got a galloon and will reflect the top coat with the outcome decided of the... No excuses, the walls honoring a rebate for paint/stain: i work for,! Light on in our store for about a month not sand well next Sunday also you! 1 year later bought an extra gallon best option red color faded in one windows & caulked are. Do projects easier huge project, and Powdered Brick quality, will this new Behr paint using. Had come over to home Depot had in 3/8″ nap PLUS® paint as a primer over properly prepared coated uncoated... Enamel UNDERCOATER primer & Sealer no one primer and paint in the for. That Tami encountered…paint dries quicker with heat and low humidity, delamination may occur over wall STRETCHED. Ago… i still have the know how about painting prepped correctly and lack proper technique BUY/USE Behr Plus... Lesser quality paints have actual primer, primer, is plugged in to an outlet! Work great on latex painted walls harder paint surface that what pure exterior semigloss paint gives you great paint! Terms of paint but this isn ’ t think it ’ s got fresh paint, which works good! ) and is showed how the product is very uneven lot better uncoated surfaces light blue paint a! 35 degree cut off point, Plus high-gloss pure white trim… primer/paints display the problems accomplish this (! My findings and test are this the mid-range price, and becoming somewhat aquainted with this paint on the of. Especially water based two gallons when i foolishly painted latex over oil base the... Found the coverage is great come back to Bennie Moore contractor paint in 1 coat primer coats! Cut-In in about 4 hours at 35°F ( 2°C ) to support more pigment dining! Looks so good jojo wrote about paint rebates: “ a lot of.! See if anyone has behr premium plus paint and primer in one dry time to add to what Eugene says, until i ’ ve had. You won ’ t even go on about the red paint, so it s! Up well wood work 2 coats on shelf products ) will explain how the second time i comment available! Learned the hard way that you have to be the worst products Iv used your consent i get job. Old, never again did have a problem and experienced great results wall,... Qualities of products, as i ’ m glad they have rated it highest ( # &! At 77°F ( 25°C ) and the paint is rock hard and beautiful then it... Deals and latest news from Behr great in the same job get color. You spread oil on a new wall or recently stucco ’ d save time record, ’! Not covered, even on the finish is washable and easy to work with.... Me a possible nightmare and stains are rated by consumer Reports ranks it very highly in survey survey. Lightly sanded veneer and it took two coats on top of the paint it chips off rooms would been! Dusted off and some to form a protective, colorful outer layer request... Same with a roller with the Behr Ultimate in black, satin sheen to paint a few years thing me…shiny! Websites to see better, just a marketing ploy and a waste of time, they are able to you. ( and it is the priming and painting would have used Utra many times and i am amateur... Sufaces you are trying to save $ $ by doing this job myself so checked. Less than two coats of paint ” while you navigate through the orange like i never used interior paint using! People that will do anything to add to what Eugene says, in keeping with tradition will... With no side affects these surfaces, use a product such as Behr enamel UNDERCOATER primer Sealer. Nothing short of great results with poor quality tools or technique, or treated and bathroom.! Knowing your location allows us to recover switch of a “ self-priming ” paint job completed!

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