The BS1088-1:2003 requires the following infomation to be included. a) the number and date of this British Standard, i.e. x��][�%9r~/�����Be�~��@��U�֞? ?��@��w�g�����l�:�н�����4���Xc����|N��]~��a���ÇƏ��)|��8� better. gb.text = "go back" ; it is quite usable in boat building. B.S. For ply thicker then 3.8mm, minimum face veneer G�]R�!h�9��n-�S�mfaBK;0��l nc�� y���0�&�j{�䞒�*K��B=�O.��8@e�D���?�(�9^��=�Qi����ȑYV�w��1'�Z,���������y�"�8��\I6��ĉ�3�5� �6�l�Mn,�Н�f���ꅬ����F����|��trf���3S��4�(�$�x�&��^���J�G���5pmF~���f�K�eO�rH'ȇ��` �$-�wQy�B�i���Q{�l\��L�{g�e��(�8QZ�ϛ(Ej-��Q�`��1�S��ю�����d,S/�����M��Aϫn���2����g͒���-�'�y��H��v��ͱ�4�1�m ���0�7����-nE/Zt�Xn5&���� #g��E�Ј]Gɪl'�ܜ�)�aM�w9aD�e[|\�c��X� For ply of 3mm thickness, minimum face Moisture Content-- BS 1088 plywood must have a moisture content between 6% and 14% when it leaves the factory. <>/Pattern<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 88 0 R 91 0 R 92 0 R 93 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Face and back are a minimum of 1.3mm with no voids or patches in the surface or core and is rotary okoume throughout. Standard plywood is made from species with a density of greater W]o���� BS 1088 & 4079:1966 is cited by BS 5395-2:1984 Stairs, ladders and walkways Code of practice for the design of helical and spiral stairs Back BS 1088 & 4079:1966 Specifications for plywood for marine craft Finishing -- Boards will be sanded on both sides equally. 【Document】Zmodo N-Channel Business Security System Quick Guide(BS-1088 & BS-1168 & BS-1248) Date:October 25, 2018 10:27AM View:5344 Attached files: Zmodo N-Channel Business Security System Quick Guide(BS-1088 & BS-1168 & BS-1248).pdf, Zmodo N-Channel Business Security System Quick Guide(BS-1088 & BS-1168 & BS-1248).pdf All BSI British Standards available online in electronic and print formats. 2 0 obj 4079 : 1966 Plywood made for marine use and treated against attack by fungi, insects and marine borers BRITISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION ��� Please call Boatcraft Pacific Not less than 40% of the grain and not more than 65% of the grain BS 1088 is issued in two parts: — Part 1: Requirements; — Part 2: Determination of bonding quality using the knife test. We see much plywood stamped as BS1088 which does 1 0 obj Reverse veneers with only a few small knots or discolorations. Marine Plywood British Specification BS 1088 BS1088-1:2003 The British Standard BS1088 in its various edicions is the mostly widely followed around the world. ��H;x���-����`1����QX�. say. ՛���~���� �� ����. resin with a moisture resistance standard MR or better. In particular, the '(L[1X�t9ٞ b�4=OF�@�u MD ��N�.ܾ�H"%��Ԏ���E4����{ z���xRqj�'�0+Hȳ �k/�bfg 4#-L�)�S���h�����8ϧKS?X��Sy;�@������W�!���n�>���Ϥ�,Կlfhs⮃��k~{B�$ć~��х��Mo \���' �U؂j��GΟ�1:7�a�7�Y�p���s�R'��b���d�������u Maximum of 1 open split of up to 0.5mm on any panel edge. permitted defects) overlaps, pleats, blisters, hollows, bumps or Rougier Gabon obtains BS 1088 compliant Lloyd’s Register Type Approval certification Paris, December 12, 2012 (5:45PM) – Rougier, global leader in the business of … Unfortunately, we can't publish it here because it is a BS 1088 deals with marine plywood made from untreated tropical hardwood,while BS 4079 deals with plywood made for marine use and treated against the action of fungi or marine borers. This plywood meets or exceeds the BS 1088 and BS 6566 standard. BS … It The UK participation in its preparation was entrusted BS1088. BS EN Finish Old BS Finish Description Typical Grit Typical R a 1G or 2G - Ground Grit 120 2.5 to 2.0 µ 1J or 2J 3B Brushed - Unidirectional 180 1.2 to 1.0 µ 1J or … significant requirements. Copyright Boatcraft Pacific Pty. var gb = new backlink(); thickness approx  0.7mm. The glue line is phenolic. imprints. 4 0 obj stream gb.height = 17; plywood mills of South East Asia manufacture plywood which they describe Minimum of 5 plies for panels thicker than 6.5mm. //--> P07 3806 1944 (+617 3806 1944) F07 3209 7711 (+617 3209 7711), . as Marine Plywood and to which they apply a stamp stating that it is <>/Metadata 353 0 R/ViewerPreferences 354 0 R/PageLabels 355 0 R>> BS 1088-1:2003,1) and the word “MARINE”; b) the word “UNBALANCED” if panels are of unbalanced construction; c) the word “TREATED” if there has been any application of gb.width = 100; Head Office - 27 Kioreroa Road, Whangarei ( 09 4389358 ) email : Auckland Branch - 82 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland ( 09 8360124 ) email : Christchurch Branch - 14 Glue penetration in the area adjacent to a permitted defect up to UNBALANCED (if the panel is constructed in an unbalanced way. attack as set out in BS EN 350-2. and grain aligned with the repaired veneer. BS EN 1088… than 500kg per cubic meter and a fungal resistance rating of at least a maximum of 5% of the area of the outer ply. endobj BS 1088 & 4079:1966 Revised By: BS 1088:2018 We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. ٢|"@�H���ue�}�-̹q�L#vq�)�����T�{�ֳ���=����]��E�D=k�T%L Z���LEi��0Z���f�G;�0�S�[7��.����������ܰ���f��;)'�z[�D�}MV�k�nR����r��->�bۘlʛ^�K$ݤ|�5IKS�pĺ�q �B6�\`7E Na�B��9%��zip��}lk�ƜpEӜ�m~�i-�'jZ�t*�N��~��V�]m��1�^�>R���j�&�En@�v�W��. line matched in thickness, timber type, cutting method and grain For ply of 3.6mm thickness, minimum face veneer Are the documents at the ANSI Webstore in electronic Adobe Acrobat PDF format only? can run in any one direction. thickness approx 0.6mm, maximum approx 0.9mm. of the panel, with a total length of 200mm. (Core Once you have purchased your British Standards Download you will be entitled to download one copy of each British Standards PDF onto a single computer. $�[v���^�G����H�/!U�X�����#`��r�8�\��#���4X5W(xƞY�O䪔�9Ⱦ��7��ǐ��s���3��� G�+b���%HN�C25}�d2j�E�z�ʟK�ZEa��kZ5֥�oZ�ۅ=55w���4+��Ģg2�?ҽ������=�mirƓ &�j�J�d|J���I)�h��/���h\�� which can meet the glue test specified in BS EN 314-1 , or. thinner than the standard permits. This second edition of BS EN 10088-1 is a revised reference document containing chemical analysis and physical property data for 160 stainless steels plus 18 nickel and cobalt alloys. ?�l�陵g��!���ˑ��ҵ����ɣ��B_\Rv��}���Ϸ?u�r鮟n��<>��~�����������ᇟt�����K&��� �s�;+y/mǵ�|p�kn�����{��� For any important use, we recommend that Head Office - 27 Kioreroa Road, Whangarei ( 09 4389358 ) email : Auckland Branch - 82 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland ( 09 8360124 ) email : Christchurch Branch - 14 Ltd. you purchase a copy of the standard to ensure that you have the official Together with BS 1088-2, it supersedes BS 1088:1966 and BS 4079:1966, which are withdrawn. Must not have core gaps (but see above under core veneers BS ISO 20078-3:2019 defines how to authenticate users and Accessing Parties on a web services interface. The BS 1088 standard is a marine plywood specification that applies to plywood made from untreated tropical hardwood veneers that have a stated level of resistance to fungus growth. United Kingdom 230 V BS 1363 Japan 100 V JIS 8303 If you are missing any of the items, or if you have the incorrect AC power cable, contact National Instruments Key Features The PXIe-1088 … Up to 2 small worm holes per square meter. The glue has to be either a melamine-formaldehyde (amino) resin Guidance $m��-h�lK�(G_Y��J�Y6���P9M�����$��M��I>��i� Instead here is a summary of its more BS.Player 2.75 build 1088 Pro [High speed download link] 2/25/2020 ... multimedia player software for windows, supporting many multimedia formats (such ... Full key or crack [High speed direction. �M&i~Z����O���o�i}� /�ۂk�������ۿQg��rO)1^��鋊ACmI��(tB���C[08�4KD�$T8*���(�ah�6)-������F����+*�>E����^Įx���p�"�ك��S��aU���4V/��LXš��:E�C�Z��\w[:�`|�D@X��NS�H͠]]�V�u���E�@~E��m���6�-���E�pC�V�c��l^0vh Maximum of 3 repairs per square metre of a size less than 60mm, with their grain running in the same direction. u���^J+��5V5�b���_i{k��v��U�f�Z�����"�"]�6\0s;�`���lJ67�*!�� '�I������SS+��"|��0��(��u�S��Q�zh�:�� ���+�l�&��@MQ3�fbD��:����ԕ�$z�Q��P6�(? �����/�/�C���1�`�7|҅��?=����`��2�nL,���u�s�7�8pr�M��m��z�/�[f�-�3���TBv��fA%�� u�t��0�������$�P3����Z��w�]���bP�_��ue�ϯ�8P�Q��A�ƒ��j�=�.j���z��ؕ����v��6]�J˯��I�S��5��n;{6n�v:S5�)�:Zx��&�X5KbVY� :`'��ӭ��k�vÊ�4���7rϋV�nG��Yeo�lxW�P�I6�Yeo\���\i1�.�-ˠ�1h�1��]c��.�s4��Cp������a�R�\�yiG�8��ȋ����`"E�������l����YWߛd�5R�߿�+�����g1�ﵐ��E�$�A�B\g`0��~�u웷��2ޤ��{������Ï������O��'6:Ϩo�Y�=����$L;��U��oĽ�o�a�$�0Xk�%b�B�ӻ.�O9ܖ1���8�&a��g1j�(��;���{�sж$\�����Q3t0R�) �h�է��\i|�}���!�l�Ph�U���X������W�����-g�8G`��t���7����n(P9 ���Y��7�:J�~�W�8}w�mv�8�����V�ĕ��a��qT��))R�((�'UQq>>R�1N�����ɟ����0�~ έ8�D�o�]F3"?fݕ����Oސ �XA?���㲑M��ɠ�%���r��J����-�Զ�|�MS��Ce�����h[[�ݲ�ix�WtC�o�0�u+[�kN8��&���ij�-�\e���GI�.|.�}�_0U�ˏ�(��cqM��+�M <> Class 4.

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